Much has been said about anger. It is many things including scary. Anger occurs generally due to being hurt. When personal boundaries are crossed it is natural to feel hurt. On a serious note, anger wears one down. It is tiresome to be angry.. I mean you are always grumpy having, a long face, feeling like smashing something and what not.

I used to be angry about a lot of things but I came to learn that there is only to be angry and that one is not me. It is God. His anger is Justified unlike yours and mine. So what if your life is not going the way you wanted it to go? You don’t belong to yourself. You were bought at a price 1 Corinthians 6:20..

I was reading the story of Joseph. You remember him, the handsome lad that was the second youngest of 12 brothers. Honestly speaking Joseph went through a hard life. His mother passed on when he was small. His brothers were so jealous of him that they plotted to kill but through God’s will and design for his life he was sold. Imagine that being sold.

He religiously worked for his boss Potiphar whose wife was eyeing him, did I mention that he was handsome Genesis 39:6b. He got into trouble for refusing to sleep with Potiphar’s wife with the response I pray to use every single day of my life.. He gave the response that how could he do such a wicked thing and sin against His God Genesis 39:9. He was arrested for something he didn’t do.  After all that went down he still cared for the same brothers by offering them food and land.

What a guy. He is one guy that anger would be his middle name but he wasn’t angry or resentful. He knew who His God is and His awesome wonders so why would he fret? Amazing right. We all have reasons to be angry and valid so we may say but then God tells us to rejoice in Him at all times. He will take care of you. He has put His name above His word and He is no man to lie neither to change His mind.

I know its easier said than done but when you put your trust and hope in him and hang on each and every word He says you shall lead a peaceful and a  quiet life. Anger does more harm than good to one’s life. God never said that this life was easy but He said He will never leave you nor forsake you. And one thing I have come to know God is interested in your character. A song I love says that, Lord you are breaking me part of making me your are hurting me part of molding me and i will not let go of your caring hand.

Be encouraged and know that everything works out for good and that God is seated on His throne of grace not pacing around with His hands on His head, no He is seated because He has every single thing in your life figured out. As long as you hold one to the masters hand anger, disappointments, frustrations and what have you will be a past tense story not that they are not bound to happen but the fact that you are living everyday for Him, your heart will always be glad.