Who is a friend? Yes it is a simple word that carries heavy meaning. People have taken that word for granted one too many times. A friend according to me is someone who has your back. By back I mean support you till the end. What happened to the good old ways where we used to pinky promise friendship. Afterwards we would go to the field and play together, sit in class together, wait for the bus together and even share lunches. Well today one calls himself or herself your friend but good Lord whilst you sleep next to them be sure to leave your one eye open. It saddens my heart every time I hear cases of betrayal and believe me they are on the rise. “Friends” stealing from you, sleeping with your boyfriends, bad mouthing you, filled with the green eyed monster when you succeed even going to the extent of killing you. I mean it’s so annoying to think you have a friend only to realise that you are just being used. It is a pain that does not go away easily. I recently broke off a friendship with a couple of am not so sure what to call them. Perhaps I should refer to them as “people that I used to know”. At first I thought they were my friends but it only took a matter of time to see them in their true nature. They were manipulative people who cared about no one but themselves.  I had sacrificed my time for them like any good friend would do {and yes I consider myself a good friend}but little did I know that I was  wasting my time on people who did not deserve it and never will. Agreeing to be someone’s friend is no easy task, that I know but once you have accepted it, I believe you owe it to God, yourself and that particular person to be the best friend that you can be. But please do not take people for granted. No man is an island and we all need that friend that you can always count on. Owing to the fact that what goes round comes around why don’t you do to others what you would like them to do for you…..  Food for thought.


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